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Web design is an area focused on developing digital interfaces, such as site design and web applications. To do this, web designers create pages using markup languages such as HTML. Web Design is responsible for defining the visuals of a website; while Web Development translates this design proposal into web programming languages, both at the Front End and Back End level. Web design is one of the creative aspects of a website. It focuses on visible site settings and user experience. Plan and capture the image of a company or project through the implementation and periodic updating of visual concepts.


It all started in the 1990s,web design was very basic and internet connection extremely slow. Web pages were basically composed of text, with very limited use of colors and no multimedia file*. Mosaic was the first commercial browser to allow access to online content. At that time the Internet connection was made through telephone lines and the files were displayed in HTML hypertext language,which was created with a more functional purpose than entertainment.

The developers created the HTML2 between 1992 and 1994, the second generation of the HTML language, which meant a higher connection speed,the use of icons, background images, buttons, banners*... You started organizing content through menus. In addition, monitors and graphics cards soon appeared on the market that improved both color and resolution.

In the late 1990s came the HTML3 language, with which the visual aspect of web pages was significantly improved. The use of CSS* style sheets is introduced, with color backgrounds, animations, early gifs*... Thanks to the introduction of Flash*, pages go from static to dynamic.

With the advancement of the CSS, content and design could begin to work separately, making it much easier for designers and developers to work. HTML4 arrived, favoring web accessibility, facilitating access to the web for people with disabilities.