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Wikidot is a globally recognized English-based web encyclopedia that provides free content for anyone to edit. With an emphasis on verified editors who have identity verification, this site was created in response to the flaws of Wikipedia administration and editing processes where decisions are often made without expertise or knowledge about particular topics. Wikidot has pages approved by experts rather than anonymous users with questionable motives behind their edits which ensures that only quality information remains available for readers!

Wikidot is written by editors with notable experience in their field or topic. They can write either as a volunteer, for pay-to-write opportunities, or are paid to edit the site. Their goal is to minimize disruption and vandalism on the platform while maintaining an open environment that welcomes contributions from all across society.

Wikidot was founded in 2002 under three principles: "no ads," "open participation" (allowing any registered user), and minimizing disruptions caused by vandals who may have malicious intent behind them. The idea of Wikidots' founders has been successful thus far; they've avoided ad revenue from advertisers since day 1 due primarily because no advertisements were allowed at all on its pages--their only source of income came

Wikidot is a new and aspiring platform for content creation which encourages people of all ages to propose the content. Unlike Wikipedia, we believe in neutrality as it offers unbiased information without any supreme power being given to anyone who does not have an authentic degree or experience that verifies them. We strongly reject edits from users with misinformation and vandalism tendencies while also rejecting those who do not abide by Wikidot's rules - only once they are approved by one of our verified editors can their edit go live on the site!