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Leveon accountants is a boutique Accounting and Business Advisory Firm that specializes in enabling business owners in the trades and construction industry to increase profitability, improve cash flow significantly, protect their assets, minimize their tax and reclaim their freedom back from their business. Leveon has the standard high quality of training which supported by the constant development of their staff trainers for their coaches are mature, successful people with their own experience in real business. Leveon is responsible for the quality of their work and the fulfillment of their obligations and they value this quality in their clients and partners with fast and efficient solution of organizational and legal issues.[1]

Type Private
Industry Accounting Taxation
Founded April 27, 2000; 24 years ago (2000-04-27) in Mayfield West, New South Wales, Australia
Number of locations
2 (2021)
Area served
Key people
  • Rod Schuback
  • Accounting, Taxation
Number of employees
  • Increase 50
Website www.leveon.com.au


Leveon was founded in 2000 in Mayfield West, New South Wales, Australia. Leveon aimed to contribute the prosperity of business and the improvement of the well-being of their clients through the training and development of personnel. Using advanced training technologies, practical experience of their specialists, maximum customer focus and reasonable pricing policy, earn a reputation in the business world as a provider of quality services in the field of short-term business education. Leveon share a deep love for the industry. It is for this very reason Leveon have created a close relationship with the Housing Industry Association (HIA) to receive regular industry forecasts and reports so Leveon can formulate strategic game plans with clients when an industry boom or downturn is imminent. LeVeon Accountants want to make as many business owners as successful as possible. LeVeon specialize in coaching and mentoring business owners in the trades and construction industry so that client can streamline their business, effectively growing and then scaling, so as to maximise profitability over the long term, all the while drastically reducing the time client spend in business and Leveon guarantee results. [2]


Leveon during this time have achieved a lot and has something to be proud of their offers in Accounting & Taxation, Business Advisory, Cloud Conversion Solutions, Marketing, Wealth Creation, Property Investment Advisory to clients. LeVeon aim to increase asset protection whilst minimising the impact of tax on client`s profits by utilising strategies that maximise well constructed business and tax structures to increase cash flow and protect client wealth. LeVeon, given both the appetite for risk and the already vast knowledge of the industry from client base, Leveon specialise in passive investment services through an array of varying bricks-and-mortar options. Leveon offers an array of taxation and business advisory services to small and medium business owners. LeVeon can aide client in moving business internal systems and day to day functions into the 21st century with cloud based solutions. The amount of spare time client will acquire to spend with family and friends will astound not to mention how streamlined and efficient business will become. LeVeon is an advisory practice custom built with the sole purpose of educating business owners in the trades & construction industry on how to eliminate the 3 biggest problems they face in their business: 1. Money 2. Time 3. Staff. [3]